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When we first decided to make this record, there were a lot of reasons: the most important one: our audience. They are always present with their friendly support and their musical attention. Their applause and their sympathy for us and our music made this really happen. Every song recorded on this record, which was composed by the greatest composers and authors in Greece, is similar to one and another. They all have one thing in common, the love and everlasting desire for each other. That's why these songs are as real as life itself. Another reason why we made this record, was also to give opportunity to everybody to meet with greek music of today. Even this music is evolved by the modern influences of this moment. Therefore, some of these songs may sound differently than you were used to up until this very moment. Ever so, Greek music will be everlasting a symbol for romantic and melancholic moments. Last but not least, we also made this record for ourselves. By singing and playing these songs, we feel even more Greek in our heart of hearts.
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This is a Trax Muisc Production
Release date: 1994

All instruments/ Vocals/ Backingvocals:
Stratos Stabourlos

Vocals/ Backingvocals:
Dimitri Tsimbiropoulos

Didier Waelkens

Freddy Desmedt

Geert Peeters

Andre Gheysens

Sound Engeneer:
Danny Willemyns

Op Het Lindje 7
3770 Riemst, Belgium

0485 13 09 27

I Ellines NPO

I Ellines is a Greek community with Belgian and Greek musicians.The purpose of this non-profit organization is to bring the Greek culture closer to the people.